“Best Little Bite in AZ”
Reviewed June 24, 2013
One of Sun City's gem's. The food is super, atmosphere very lovely and employees top notch. We love the veal parm, the piazza is also out of this world!!!! When we visit the area we always stop for lunch or dinner. Don't let the shopping center locale fool you, this is a really great spot.

My hubby is 61 today and loves great Italian Food.  My momma loved it too.   We took her to A Little Bite of Italy many times before she passed in 2002.. These many years later our experience was wonderful.  We were seated promptly  let our waitress know our food concerns and  each of  our group ordered something different that all came out of the kitchen at the same time hot and delicious..  We shared my hubby's birthday  cards and at the end of  our meal  a whipped cream vanilla triple layered strawberry filled cake with a candle  came out of the kitchen with  the staff singing.  No one  told them,  the cake was huge, a special treat  for my guy,,  Thanks Little Bite of Italy  for making  our Birthday Dinner truly special. I vote best service, food, pleasantries in Sun City,  AZ  .

“Much More than Pizza”


Reviewed June 12, 2013

Wow! what a great Italian restaurant. I just keep going back again and again to discover a new favorite meal. The spaghetti & meatballs were great, then the Fettuccine alfredo was so pleasing. The Stromboli & Calzone was so good. Then I tried the pizza, a small one first, then a medium and now I only get the large to have some to enjoy at home, just the best. The weekends in the evening is the best time, be sure to sit outside as they have great entertainers who encourage dancing, making a fun time while enjoying a great meal. I must also mention the pricing is very reasonable, and the always feature some type of special for the day. They have a fully stocked Bar and can accommodate all your cocktail needs, and the drink prices, again are very reasonable. Great food, good drinks and entertainment. The best a resort type community has to offer.
Reviewed June 11, 2013
We have been to this darling little restaurant over a dozen times, and I nearly always order the lasagna!!! (I would like to try other things, but the lasagna is too good to resist! We have always found the service staff very friendly, the prices very reasonable, and the food very good...(the breadsticks are hard to resist, too!).
Visited March 2013
Wow! People from surrounding areas seem kind of mad at this place. It is not a dance club. It is Sun City folks, not Scottsdale. This place is about fun and people watching. 

The pizza is great! We have had the white pizza several times and love the thin crust and toppings. 

First time we went, we were looking for something to do, So I called and asked if they had music. The woman replied, that they had 'R&B' that night. We went expecting a band. Instead, we got Ronnie and Bobbie  (?) who sing to songs AND wear costumes to fit the mood! It is very quirky, but fun. Tons of regulars hang out to dance and visit. we felt kind of out of place, since we were 10 - 20 years younger than the crowd, but they said hi as they walked by and made us feel included. The singers handed out small flags to wave during their rendition of 'Boogie- Woogie Bugle Boy' So, I got up and waved mine, mortifying my GF. Good fun!


“Great food/great time in sun city!”
Reviewed June 13, 2013
I went to the best kept secret in Sun City and I was blown away by the pizza, the staff and the overall experience here. I will definitely be back...


“Great food and entertainment”
Reviewed June 18, 2013
Good Food and great entertainment. Dyan Karsten (sorry about the spelling) does a great job. Looking forward to seeing her again next year. We can not come weekly as we live over 700 miles away.